Niagara Gorge

The Niagara Gorge is a 11 km (6.8 mi) gorge carved by the Niagara River over the course of the last 12,000 years along the US-Canadian border in New York and Ontario. It begins at the base of Niagara Falls and ends at the Niagara escarpment near Queenston, Ontario, where the falls originated some 12,000 years ago. The sheer volume of water flowing over the brink of the falls forced the continual erosion of the hard Lockport dolomite, which is the surface rock of the escarpment, combined with rapid erosion of those relatively soft layers beneath it. The rate of erosion has been estimated to be approximately 1 metre per year before a substantial portion of the water had been diverted for hydro electric purposes. Had you been able to stand on our front porch at the turn of the 13th century, Niagara Falls would have been at your doorstep in plain sight. Only a single waterfall would have existed and it would have looked far different than what is visible today

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